Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Chai Wan

Located at the eastern end of Hong Kong Island, Chai Wan was once a forgotten suburb tucked away behind the mountains. As business districts in Quarry Bay and Kowloon East have evolved in recent years, Chai Wan is no longer a long journey away from anywhere. It has a mix of public and private housing with industrial buildings scattered around the district.

A hiking trail leads from the waterfront to Big Wave Bay, a serene oasis on the other side of the mountain.

Island Resort is a private housing estate along the waterfront with beautiful views of the South China Sea. However, the views come at a price. In 2012, Typhoon Vicente tore out windows of at least 30 flats in 2 of the estate's 5 towers.

Right outside the door is a nice waterfront promenade with a ladder into the ocean for a summer swim.

Poorer folks need to live a bit further inland without a sea view.

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