Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Clearwater Bay

Clearwater Bay Peninsula is Hong Kong's backyard with beaches, a golf course, hiking trails, and history. It is only a 40 minute ride on the 91 bus from the city to the Second Beach.

From here, it is only a 2km walk further down Tai Au Mun Road towards Po Toi O, a fishing village where a seafood feast is more affordable than out in Sai Kung town centre. With a sparse minibus service to this remote stretch and few parking spaces, mass tourism has not been able to infiltrate and ruin the place.

There is a sidewalk all the way from the beach to the village.

The last section is a long downhill stretch with a wide view of the village and its protected bay.

There are 2 major seafood restaurants next to each other near the pier, with tanks of live selection so customers can have the freshest fare.

A better vantage point to view the village is to go further uphill. Keep heading down the road and just before the golf course club's entrance, you will notice a hiking path to the right into the trees. This is the southern end of the High Junk Peak Country Trail, taking about 6+km to reach Mang Kung Uk at the northern end. Climb for about 15 minutes until the view opens up.

After enjoying the views, return the way you came back to the golf course entrance. You will notice a sign down towards the coast for the temple. The Joss House Bay Tin Hau Temple is the largest and oldest Tin Hau temple in the city. Its history goes back to 1266 when Fujian salt traders built the temple to give thanks after surviving a storm. Tin Hau is the goddess of the sea.

Once a year during the goddess' festival on the 23rd day of the 3rd lunar month, special ferries bring crowds of worshippers here.

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