Hong Kong Cyberport Photo Gallery

Cyberport was initially conceived in 1999 to diversify Hong Kong's economy away from finance. What turned out was a USD $2 billion property development project on a 24-hectare site. There are high-tech offices, a five-star hotel, and a mall, but the focus turned to the luxury residential units priced over the roof just next door to an old public housing estate.

Older residential buildings further uphill look on. With Cyberport located near the seashore below, their views haven't been blocked.

The first tenants moved in in 2002. There are 4 office buildings providing over 100,000 sq m of space, with the last one completed in 2004. The Le Meridien Hotel also opened in 2004 with 170 rooms.

A large green public space fronts the sea, providing an area of tranquility amidst the highrise towers in the background. Due to its isolated location, this part of the city doesn't get busy.

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