Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Kowloon East

Many public housing estates line along Kowloon East's hillsides. Interestingly, a good number of them command harbour views and these uphill streets are quiet and more serene. The downside is access as residents need to take multiple elevators or escalators from estate to estate or connect via bus or minibus down to the MTR stations.

A major development is taking place at the old Anderson Road quarry, which is very noticeable on both sides of the harbour with the scarred landscape. While originally intended to be developed into private homes that cost an arm and a leg, the government has decided to use most of the 12 hectares of land for public housing instead. Residents are expected to start moving in by 2023. You can see the vast empty site in the background with the blue scaffolding-covered buildings being the first towers to rise.

Lion Rock peers in the distance. That mountain and its famous top is a symbol of the Hong Kong spirit.

Another famous mountain is Fei Ngo Shan, a popular hiking location that also commands lovely views of the city.

For more novice hikers who want a lukewarm exercise, there are a few parks in the district along the hills, such as this one on top of a reservoir. Putting public space on top of water storage facilities is a common strategy in land-starved Hong Kong.

Heading back to the waterfront, the streets in this part of the city are gritty with many older buildings, but there are quiet residential pockets just steps away from vibrant street markets.

The government is hoping to turn Kowloon Bay and Kwun Tong into a second alternative business district to rival Central. Some multinational banks have opened offices here, lured by much cheaper rents despite looking at the same harbour.

The United Christian Hospital is undergoing an expansion with 2 blocks expected to open by 2025.

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