Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Shatin

Shing Mun River runs through Shatin, dividing it into two roughly equal halves. Once heavily polluted with a stench from untreated sewage to keep people away, the waterway has since been cleaned up and is now a popular place to walk, jog, and cycle.

There is a lot of construction activity above Tai Wai station with expensive homes for the private sector being built while a lowrise village sits next door.

Che Kung Temple station also has a similar development model.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is right by the river and a short walk across the bridge from the station.

The main town centre is around Shatin station, which has a few large shopping malls connected together and many housing estates wrapping around it.

Looking back towards the new towers at Che Kung Temple and Tai Wai stations ...

Up in the hills is the 18-tower Shui Chuen O Estate, which opened in 2015 and can house over 28,000 residents.

The 7-tower Lek Yuen Estate opened in 1975 and can house about 8000 residents.

Shatin is actually not too densely built up unlike Tseung Kwan O. The older housing estates are short by today's standards and not as densely-packed together.

Further downstream, private housing estates line the eastern shores.

Even though the western shore has many public housing estates, they are fronted by a line of leisure facilities.

Opened in 1982, the Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works is the largest in the city, occupying 28 hectares and able to process 340,000 cubic metres daily. The government is exploring to relocate these works to caverns and free up the land for housing.

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