Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Clearwater Bay

Po Toi O is a fishing village where a seafood feast is more affordable than out in Sai Kung town centre. With a sparse minibus service to this remote stretch and few parking spaces, mass tourism has not been able to infiltrate and ruin the place in the southeastern edge of the city.

The fishing village is located in a sheltered bay, which is quite visible from the air, so residents are safe even during the worst summer storms.

Wrapping around this traditional village is a golf and country club. The site was chosen in the 1970s to build a course but it had a rocky start due to a faltering economy and concerns over the 1997 handover, resulting in bankruptcy and closure.

Looping around looking west, a set of mountains separate this part of countryside from the rest of the urban jungle.

Clearwater Bay's public beaches are only a 2km walk away.

Unlike Po Toi O, the 2 public beaches are easily accessible by bus from Choi Hung, hence can get very crowded on weekends.

More countryside awaits along the Sai Kung coastline towards the north.

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