Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Island East

The hills east of Shau Kei Wan are typically known for a holiday village that is currently a COVID quarantine camp. Less known is the Sai Wan Hill Battery and Redoubt, a military facility built in the 1890s. Armed with large guns that were hauled uphill, it was part of the defense system at the eastern end of the harbour. However, the guns were decommissionned in the 1910s and the British never took this fortification seriously during World War II.

The hilltops offer a wide view of the Island's eastern stretches.

Chai Wan is the easternmost commuter town on the island, and is the last stop on the Island Line.

Heng Fa Chuen opened in 1986 and houses over 6300 units across 48 blocks. Built to be a self-contained community, it has its own MTR station and shopping mall, and is known as one of the city's "blue-chip" housing estates.

When typhoon strikes, the news media oftentimes report storm surges from this estate's long waterfront promenade.

With hills in the way, the steep Chai Wan Road is one of few road connections to the rest of the city.

Rising above the hills, you can better see the military installations and why this spot was chosen. Today, it is also a park and communications facility.

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