Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Wah Fu & Cyberport

Located on the southwestern side of Hong Kong Island facing the sea, Wah Fu Estate was built in the 1960s. At the time, it revolutionized the lower classes' standard of living when people lived in dilapidated buildings and squatter camps. Units had their own independent kitchens and bathrooms, and with 9100 flats, the estate was a miniature self-contained town of its own. There was a market, multi-storey car park, library, restaurants, and even schools.

In 1999, the government announced they wanted to build a technology facility to diversify the economy away from finance. Cyberport became known as a luxury property development with posh residences even though their sea views are exactly the same as Wah Fu next door.

There is even a small waterfall separating the two spheres, although it is more accessible from the public housing side of the fence.

This is the view from both sides of the divide.

Continuing uphill, Pok Fu Lam was first mentioned in writing in 1819 as one of 2 villages on Hong Kong Island. Dairy farmers came in 1886 and their historic relics are still visible today.

The Bethanie was completed in 1875 as a sanitorium for sick missionaries. It closed in 1974 and has been revitalized by the Academy for Performing Arts.

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