Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Tuen Mun

Tuen Mun used to be an isolated far away suburb in the northwestern New Territories. In recent years, improvements to public transport such as the West Rail and the new tunnel to Tung Chung now make this an accessible part of town, no longer reliant on a single traffic-prone highway into the city.

The coastal part of the district looks south with serene sea views.

Residents have easy access to a few beaches just outside the suburb, with a resort hotel and marina further down the coast.

This suburb has a mix of private and public housing estates that are connected to the train station by a light rail network.

The West Rail is expected to be extended to the coast, with a station proposed in this bus parking lot. The 2.4km extension is expected to finish by 2030.

The train line will eventually extend towards the ferry pier. Lantau's tall peaks and the airport's expansion reclamation are visible in the distance.

Sam Shing is a seafood market that has attracted local foodies. You can pick fresh fare in tanks outside or even boats moored along the waterfront and bring it home to cook or into a restaurant to process. A long breakwater extends out from here which is a pleasant walk or jog.

Buried within the housing estates are some interesting surprises. This colourful basketball court is located on top of a parking lot at On Ting Estate.

Another colourful sports facility has also popped up on top of a parking lot at Siu Hei Court.

Construction on the 5km Tuen-Mun Chek Lap Kok Link tunnel started in 2013 and opened in December 2020, greatly reducing travel time to Tung Chung, and offering an alternative road access to the airport.

Next door is the River Trade Terminal, which is a container terminal to handle shipments within the Pearl River Delta.

The rest of Tuen Mun isn't so far from here - just past the beach.

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