Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Yau Ma Tei & Mongkok

The Fruit Market opened in 1913 and handles roughly half of Hong Kong's total supply. Initially it also sold rice, fish, and poultry, but the government relocated them out in the 1960s and only the fruits remained. The market comes alive in the early morning hours when fresh fruits are unloaded from trucks, much to the nuisance of the residential blocks that surround the site. From the air, it is a series of disorganized metal roofs of various colours.

Plenty of construction continues nearby as a new tunnel across Kowloon is being built.

Kwong Wah Hospital is being redeveloped with the superstructure's construction expected to finish in 2026. An atrium design will keep the historic Tung Wah Museum visible from the street upon completion.

As part of the tunnel's construction, the Yau Me Tei Car Park Building where the existing highway passes through closed in December 2020 and will be demolished. The 4.7km Central Kowloon Route is expected to cost over HKD$42 billion and open in 2025, taking only 5 minutes to travel from West Kowloon to Kowloon Bay from the current 30. The tunnel section comprises almost 4km of the highway.

These old blocks around Ferry Street used to front the Jordan Road Ferry Pier with beautiful sea views. The 8 "Man" buildings were constructed in the 1960s as part of Man Wah Sun Chuen, an estate for the middle class. Developers designed these massive buildings over narrow streets to maximize their footprint, and building regulations forced setbacks to the top sections. The sea is now 600m away after reclamation for the new airport projects in the 1990s.

Langham Place is the tallest building in the Mongkok area.

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