Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Fanling

The Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail passes through a few historic monuments in Fanling, including walled villages and shrines. We start the aerial tour at San Wai, whose entrance has an engraving from 1744. It is a typical walled village with grey brick walls although the moat has been filled in and is now a parking lot. Many of the buildings are new although the communal altar remains at the end of the central axis.

Meanwhile, the tall residential towers are not far away.

Further north and across the Ng Tung River is Siu Hang Tsuen, whose history dates back 200 years and was founded by the Tang clan.

Shenzhen's skyline now rises behind the hills.

Many public housing towers are rising in Queen's Hill, which will cover over 13 hectares and eventually house some 34,500 people.

Otherwise, the surrounding countryside is mostly lowrise. Yet, government officials say Hong Kong is short of developable land.

The Shin Shut Study Hall was built in 1840 to commemorate a 19th generation Tang clan member. It was used for both ancestral worship and education.

Lo Wai was the first Tang clan walled village. The brick walls are still intact, although the entrance was moved for better fung shui.

Next door, the imposing Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall was built in the early 16th century to be the main ancestral hall for the clan. There is also a Tin Hau Temple, with bells cast in 1695 and 1700.

In a remote corner of lowrises and countryside is a new suburban community. Queen's Hill is expected to house 24,000 across 7 buildings while neighbouring Shan Lai Court will have another 6 buildings.

With its surroundings vastly rural and the main residential area of Fanling a bus ride away, views would be quite decent even on lower floors.

Hiking trails line the hills to the north, with Shenzhen's skyline emerging on the other side.

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