Hong Kong Drone Gallery - To Kwa Wan (13 Streets)

The gritty district of To Kwa Wan is slowly transforming in anticipation of the Tuen Ma Line opening in the area. This area was first mentioned under the present name on official maps in the 1860s. Not much from that era is visible today though.

The "13 streets" area consists of uniform-height residential blocks built in 1958-1961.

Nearby to the southeast, the "3 streets" area consists of 7-9 storey residential blocks built at around the same time. The ground floor units were used as blacksmiths and garages while residents lived upstairs.

Grand Waterfront's 5 buildings now tower over these older buildings. These 51-storey residences opened in 2006.

These buildings used to be near the edge of Kai Tak Airport, which is under a massive redevelopment scheme with plenty of cranes and construction happening.

Height limits were removed after the airport closed, so there is now a mix of tall and short buildings throughout the district.

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