Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Wanchai

Looking west above Wanchai, Admiralty is home to a number of 5-star hotels catering to the business crowd. The main hotels are the Shangri-La, Conrad, Marriott, and Upper House.

Wanchai is an older residential area that has seen some redevelopments into luxury housing. Nevertheless, there are still many unique small restaurants along its side streets. An added bonus is its close proximity to Central, which is walkable during the cooler months.

The 34-storey Three Pacific Place is quite a distance away from the main Pacific Place office/mall area, but a long tunnel to the train station keeps it accessible even though it is no longer in Admiralty district. The surrounding area is being transformed into a high-class living and dining zone.

Wanchai's most visible open space is Southorn Playground, a very small piece of recreation land in the district.

You would need to go slightly uphill for more greenery, and there is plenty of that. Bowen Road is a good jogging trail above the city with lovely views.

The cigarette-looking Hopewell Centre was the city's tallest building at 64 storeys when it opened in 1980, and it was able to hold onto that title until 1989 when the Bank of China Tower was completed. To maintain good feng shui, the cigarette had to be extinguished to prevent a fire, so a pool was added to the top. The revolving restaurant just beneath it is a good place to enjoy the view, albeit overshadowed by many more taller skyscrapers today.

A hotel extension is now under construction next door after many years of debate. In 2008, the developer reduced the building's scale from 93 stories to 55 in exchange for a land swap. That plan see-sawed again later and had to go to the planners a few times to get the shovels into the ground.

The 374m-tall Central Plaza is lit-up into a clock at night, moving at 15 minute intervals.

There are a few parks in the Bowen Road area where there is open space to safely operate the drone.

The pool at the top of Hopewell Centre is more visible from this angle. This tower's unique shape has long been an icon.

Living along the hillsides enjoying these skyline and harbour views would cost quite an arm and a leg.

A massive redevelopment along the former "Wedding Card street" has resulted in tall residential towers on the right side of this photo.

Happy Valley is famous for its racecourse, 1 of 2 in the city, both of which are restricted no-fly zones. Higher-end residentials surround this big open space.

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