Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Mui Wo

Before the new airport opened, Lantau was a quiet and empty island and the Mui Wo area was once home to 6 villages during the 19th century. Silver mining was the main activity here although only an abandoned and boarded-up cave remains today.

There are many lowrise houses here with plenty of greenery and space.

What you don't see at ground level are the solar panels that have become a popular rooftop accessory here.

However, there are some highrises now, which are public housing blocks. If you work in Central, you can walk to the ferry terminal and the entire commute should take under an hour.

Mui Wo has a nice waterfront promenade and beach right at its doorstep.

Ferries depart fairly frequently to Central from here, while there is also double-decker bus service to Tung Chung.

You can see the skyline in the distance. Fast ferries only take up to 40 minutes to reach the city.

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