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Sai Kung (Yim Tin Tsai & Kau Sai Chau & Po Kwu Wan)

Sai Kung is Hong Kong's backyard with many small islands dotting a tropical paradise setting. There are pristine beaches, historic villages, and lots of rock formations.

Yim Tin Tsai is only a 20 minute ferry ride from the main town centre. The small island was once home to some 1200 residents and made its fortune from salt production. It was abandoned by the late 1990s but recent efforts have been made to revive it and promote ecotourism.

The revived salt pans are on the left while the small town area is to the right. Christian preachers came and converted the island's Hakka settlers. The church sits on the hilltop.

Across the water is Sai Kung's main town and the hills separating it from the suburbs.

To the east is Kau Sai Chau, a larger island with a public golf course operated by the Jockey Club.

Ther are plenty of other picturesque and uninhabited islands in the surrounding waters.

An easy walk from Pak Tam Chung is Po Kwu Wan, a secluded bay, which has a rare concrete barrier to protect it, although it is now broken at 3 sections quite require a bit of scrambling to cross.

There are many beautiful islands offshore with lots of boat activity.

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