Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Science Park

The government's initial foray to diversify the economy with a technology industry was to create Cyberport, and the Science Park formed part of that vision. The 22 hectare waterfront development opened in 2002 with the 2nd phase in 2007 and the 3rd phase in 2014.

Similar to the Cyberport, part of the development was for residential housing. The zones are clear with the area near Shatin earmarked for technology.

The residential zone is closer to Tai Po, although public transport is an issue here. Although the East Rail runs along the Tolo Harbour coast, there is no new station built to serve the community.

On the other side is the new town of Ma On Shan, where residents also enjoy a lot of sea views.

Despite its remote location, a home here doesn't come cheap. A 1-bedroom unit can easily cost over USD $1 million. Luckily, the buildings are not as tall as other private housing estates in the city and there are even some lowrise townhouses mixed within.

Tolo Harbour is a massive calm sea that has a well-established network of cycling tracks and pedestrian trails. The section between Shatin and Tai Po had been popular to cyclists even before the Science Park had been built.

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