Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Ma On Shan Part 2

Ma On Shan is a residential suburb with a 702m mountain looming in the background. Home to over 209,000 residents, the district stretches along the narrow piece of flat land along Tolo Harbour, offering decent waterfront views.

What many didn't know is this area was once a mining village. During its golden period in the 1950s and 60s, over 100,000 metric tons of iron were extracted every year, but the mine was abandoned due to cheaper sources in the 70s.

The area around Wu Kai Sha, the end of the train line, has seen lots of private residential construction activity. However, there is still an old village by the waterfront with a small beach that is smells like a BBQ party on the weekend.

A short walk away, the density tapers off quickly and there is a beautiful bay in Nai Chung with a vast sea ahead.

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