Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Kowloon City

Today's Lok Fu Park was a major aviation checkpoint back when Kai Tak Airport was still in operation. Part of the hill was painted into a red and white checkerboard pattern to alert pilots to make their final turning for landing on runway 13. The paint has recently been refreshed while Kowloon City next door has seen plenty of new redevelopments since the airport closed.

The area around Lok Fu and Wong Tai Sin train stations is mostly public housing, albeit very accessible with the MTR nearby.

The checkerboard is situated on the side of a small hill that is now a park with a reservoir beneath.

From here, you can see the skyline in the distance.

Kowloon City is a very different place now. Pencil towers piece out from the formerly lowrise neighbourhood where planes fly barely above homes before touching down.

Reconstruction of the old airport continues ...

Yet, on the other side of Junction Road, lowrise luxury homes of a far more upscale nature highlight a far different type of lifestyle, one the average folk can never afford.

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