Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Wong Chuk Hang

Once a gritty industrial area, the district lost its charm when factories moved north of the border chasing after cheaper labour. The South Island Line's opening is rejuvenating the district, with art galleries and unique restaurants starting to take over the former factories and a major residential development under way on top of one of its stations.

10 blocks of public housing were demolished to make way for Wong Chuk Hang station, and now a much more expensive private estate is under construction called The Southside. Once they kick the poor people out, progress will keep them out as developers cash in.

2021 December

The density tapers off next door, where Ocean Park stretches along the hillsides to the other side. The rich people along the Peak get to enjoy skyline views on the other side. You can see the city's 2 tallest buildings, IFC and ICC, peek out in the distance.

High class lowrises dominate on the other side.

Many industrial buildings remain along a thin stretch of flat land within walking distance to the MTR.

Hiking trails take over in the hillsides behind the district, with the Aberdeen Reservoir being quite easy and popular.

2023 November

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