Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Lau Fau Shan

Located along Deep Bay, Lau Fau Shan is famous for its oysters, which have been harvested here for 700 years. In fact, the cultivated species is named after the city - Crassostrea hongkongensis. However, its heyday are long gone, as pollution and an aging workforce have taken a toll. The water quality has improved in recent years, but it will take a much longer time to rebuild the Lau Fau Shan oyster's reputation.

Only about 100 oyster growers remain in the area, compared to 700 during the 1960s and 70s. Nevertheless, the dried "golden" oysters are popular especially during festive periods.

This stretch of coastline is home to many small villages and the concrete jungle is nowhere to be found.

Looking back, the new town of Tin Shui Wai is clearly visible in the background with frequent bus connections to this village from the train station.

The village has a long pedestrian market street with lots of dried and fresh seafood for sale. You can even buy some fresh catch and bring it to a restaurant to cook it for you.

The coastal area is littered with oyster shells and lots of other garbage. Nevertheless, there is a small public space where photographers camp out to capture the sunset. A few oyster farmers have also laid out their harvested and de-shelled oysters out to dry on wood racks.

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