Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Western District

Western District is one of the earliest development areas of Hong Kong. Here, the British landed and took possession of Hong Kong Island as their new colony. The extreme tip at Kennedy Town still has vibrant old streets with ground-level retail mixed with new redevelopments. The watefront promenade has been spruced up and extended, making it a great place to watch sunset.

Sai Wan Estate opened in 1958 with 5 towers offering 600 units.

This empty site by the waterfront was formerly an incineration plant and abbatoir, which have been demolished. Plans to decontaminate the area, including the neighbouring park, have sparked controversy. The waterfront once hosted undesired or industrial facilities and has been partially beautified in recent years.

The Merton opened in 2004 with 3 blocks.

The shorter U-shaped building is Kwun Lung Lau, named after its dragon-shaped layout. The oldest sections date from the late 1960s and has been partially redeveloped. Being so close to a steep slope, the estate made headlines in 1994 when a landslide killed 5 people.

The largest residential estate in the area is The Belcher's, which comprises 6 towers of up to 49 storeys with over 2200 units. This area was once used for maritime defense and civil servant quarters.

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