Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Hung Hom and Ho Man Tin

Hung Hom has a gritty character that, like other older neighbourhoods, is giving way to swathes of redevelopment. A dock was built here in 1868 and along with it came shipyards and factories. Workers soon moved into the area, and schools, temples, and shops followed. The Whampoa Dock closed in the 1970s although the district's industrial and gritty nature remains.

With 2 rail lines serving Ho Man Tin station, construction is under way on top of it with more luxurious residences uphill.

February 2022

However, these hills are not just home to the rich. Oi Man Estate opened in 1974 with 12 towers that can house over 17,000 people.

Ho Man Tin is a relatively upscale area and home to the recently rebranded Metropolitan University.

On the other side of Chatham Road is the grittier part of Hung Hom.

May 2022

Henderson Land is about to kick off the first phase of the 2800-unit Baker Circle redevelopment, their largest such project in the past 30 years. It will also feature a pedestrian street stretching 1 km long.

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