Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Tin Shui Wai

This new town in the northwestern New Territories was built on reclaimed fish ponds from the late 1980s and is now home to almost 300,000 people. Primarily made up to public housing, it has long been criticized as a prison for the poor with residents requiring long and expensive journeys into the city to work.

While all 3 major new towns in this part of Hong Kong are connected by the West Rail, they're too large to be accessible by foot. As a result, a light rail network radiates out of the stations with a maze of routes.

The density disappears dramatically just outside the ring road with short hills that can be hiked for nice views of the vast emptiness that still dominate the New Territories. Shenzhen's skyline rises on the other side of Deep Bay.

The more historic town of Yuen Long is just a train stop away.

To the north and west of the river separating the new town are small villages. This was what life was like before suburbia arrived. Across on the other side of Deep Bay is Shenzhen.

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