Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Lok Ma Chau

Lok Ma Chau is a sleepy rural area at the northern stretches of Hong Kong, interrupted by travellers bound for mainland China who pass through by bus and train to cross the border.

However, the government has slated a piece of land at the border for a new technology park. The Lok Ma Chau Loop has a size of about 100 hectares that was formed when the Shenzhen River was diverted. Plans were disrupted as the omicron outbreak made the government change the site into a 1000-bed makeshift hospital and isolation facility for 10,000.

Otherwise, this area is lowrise with villages, farms, and ponds dotting the landscape.

The hills here are relatively easy to hike, not frequented, and offer lovely views of Hong Kong's rural side contrasted by Shenzhen's skyline. In the distance is Sheung Shui, a remote suburb that is only a 20 minute bus ride away.

Shenzhen's skyline is easy to spot from these stretches.

A bit further away and closer to the highway back to the city is another COVID isolation facility at San Tin. Built on the former outlet mall The Boxes in March 2022, it has 720 rooms and 2800 isolation beds.

This facility is just a short distance from the Huanggang border crossing to Shenzhen.

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