Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Ap Lei Chau

This small island on Hong Kong's south side is named after its duck tongue shape. While it is actually not far from the business district, public transport had been an issue until a dedicated rail link opened in late 2016. Across the typhoon shelter is Aberdeen, a fishing village that has been modernized.

The typhoon shelter is seeing a shift from local fisherman's sampans to luxury yachts.

The large boat is Jumbo, a seafood restaurant that will be incorporated into Ocean Park.

The largest private housing estate on the island is South Horizons, which is surrounded by water on 3 sides.

Another residential project is now under construction along Lee Nam Road with sea views.

The island is hilly but engineers were able to build Lei Tung Estate above, with large elevators taking residents down to the train station deep underground.

Further downhill is Ap Lei Chau Estate, which overlooks the typhoon shelter so even the poor folks can enjoy nice views.

There is also a section with individual towers of varying heights.

The folks in Aberdeen on the other side have an additional advantage of having a southerly sea view.

While Ap Lei Chau is a small island, there is a famous tough hike up to Yuk Kwai Shan's 2 peaks.

The south side of Hong Kong Island is quite scenic with many bays and beaches. This part is home to the rich and famous.

A small sandbar connects Ap Lei Chau with a smaller island, Ap Lei Pai.

You can also spot Lamma Island's power station in the distance.

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