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Shek Kip Mei Estate is Hong Kong's first public housing estate, built to house squatters left homeless from a massive fire. The first blocks were built between 1954 and 1955 with an H-shape and shared bathrooms, which were redeveloped into self-contained units in the 1980s.

In the 1990s, the government decided to demolish all but 1 block and redevelop the site into even taller towers.

Mei Ho House or Block 41 is the only building from the original collection left in the estate, operating as a hotel and museum.

Pak Tin Estate is being redeveloped with its 8 blocks being rebuilt to add over 2000 more units to 5650, drastically increasing the density. Located along the hillsides and surrounded by premium residential districts, they offered good views as during the era when planes landed at Kai Tak, height limits kept buildings at maximum 10 stories along the flight path just ahead.

Behind it is a reservoir and Garden Hill, an easy hike with a good view of the area.

Nan Shan Estate was built in 1977 and is home to about 7000 people across 8 towers.

The land that Tai Hang Sai Estate sits on today was purchased at a discount from the government in 1961 with the intention of building rental housing for the lower income classes. It is the only privately-held low-income housing in the city. The estate is expected to be redeveloped in phases, with the first batch to finish in 2024. However, the plans have stirred resentment from many elderly residents who fear they will be evicted and have to pay a substantially higher rent elsewhere in the city.

The surrounding areas are fairly lowrise and quiet.

Long forgotten by the city that has grown around it, this reservoir on the hill across the street from the public housing blocks was rediscovered in December 2020 when government-led demolition crews stumbled across it. The government had initially claimed it was just a "water tank", but after a public outcry, the Romanesque arched reservoir underneath Bishop Hill is slated to be preserved.

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