Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Tseung Kwan O

In 1982, the government decided to build a 7th new town in Tseung Kwan O by reclaming Junk Bay in the southern stretches of Sai Kung. The former fishing village and ship building zone quickly became a residential suburb. Yet, despite packed highrises block after block, there isn't much activity on the streets, with foot traffic diverted into the malls and covered bridges that link from one estate to another.

LOHAS Park is a giant development still under construction over 10 years since its first residents have moved in. While connected by the MTR with only 1 in several trains along the Tseung Kwan O line reaching the station, the development has been quite isolated with no major shopping mall of its own until 2020, and a regular stench blown from the nearby landfill plaguing residents.

To improve road access, a bridge and tunnel are being built from here to Kwun Tong.

Ocean Shore is a 15-tower development with involvement from Swire, one of the city's most respected property developers.

Across the street on the other side of Tiu Keng Leng station is another private development, Metro Town. Public housing estates cluster further beyond.

Hiking trails rise from here and a great skyline view awaits on the other side. Wilson Trail's Stage 3 runs along the ridges that separate this district from Kowloon.

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