Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau is a dumbell-shaped island that is popular with day trippers and weekend excursions. Unfortunately famed for haunted hotels where city dwellers go to take their own lives, this dark history seems to be overriden by the bun festival, an annual spectacle where children dressed up as deities are paraded around town, and climbers scramble up a bamboo tower to fill their sacks with buns.

From a quiet corner along Sai Wan's waterfront promenade, you can see the many fishing boats moored along the western part of the island.

Frequent ferries from Central also approach the island from the west.

The main built-up stretch of the island is the narrow part of the dumbell.

The southern coast is fairly empty with houses spaciously spread apart so everyone can enjoy a bit of the sea view.

From the south, the narrow part of the island becomes very obvious.

The eastern side has beaches and contrasts significantly from the fishing vessels a few short blocks away.

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