Hong Kong Photo Gallery - East Rail

The East Rail Line runs on the first set of heavy rail tracks in the city known as the Kowloon-Canton Railway. Opened in 1910 as a single track, it w as electrified and double trackred by 1983, with 14 stations from Hung Hom to the Chinese border. Long 12-car trains run the line although from September 2020, new 9-car trains will also operate in preparation of the line's extension across the harbour by 2022.

The oldest rolling stock on the line are the Metro Cammell vehicles that have been refurbished.

The platform gaps are quite big at some of the stations due to the curvature design.

The newer rolling stock are Japanese vehicles introduced in the new millennium.

Train spotters are often out taking pictures of service vehicles, which show up as a non-stop train on next train arrival boards.

University station curves significantly hence platform gaps are quite large.

Other stations :

This is the only rail line in the city with a segregated First Class, which consists of a single car with nicer and more spacious seats. Fares are roughly double and you need to tap your Octopus card on the platform to ride under an honour system.

Even the newest 9-car trains have kept the First Class car.

Standard compartment :

With the East Rail's extension across the harbour opening soon, the line will no longer terminate at Hung Hom.

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