Hong Kong Transport Galleries - Farewell Old Hung Hom Station (May 14, 2022)

The East Rail's extension to Hong Kong Island opened on May 15. With the new cross-harbour section to Admiralty, trains would move to the bottom platform at the new Hung Hom station where the Tuen Ma Line has been stopping since 2021. On the night of May 14, I went for a ride along the East Rail to capture the old signage with Hung Hom as the terminus.

Scores of rail fans have already gathered at Hung Hom station's old ground-level platforms 1 and 4 to witness history as trains pulled in for the last time. West Rail trains once also terminated here until it connected to form the Tuen Ma Line.

Upstairs, there is a small concourse with low ceilings that leads to the cross-harbour buses, which will be badly affected by the new East Rail extension across the harbour.

The much brighter and spacious linkage concourse with the Tuen Ma Line will also be obsolete, as the future East Rail will just be a downstairs transfer.

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