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A Ferry Ride from Hung Hom to North Point

Besides the famous Star Ferry's routes connecting Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, and Wan Chai, there are other commuter ferries running in the harbour that have survived despite 3 vehicle tunnels and 4 cross-harbour train lines.

First Ferry, now renamed Sun Ferry, runs a service between Hung Hom and North Point in roughtly half hourly intervals, offering a very competitive alternative to that part of Hong Kong Island as the train journey is much more indirect with multiple changes.

The Hung Hom ferry terminal once included a large outdoor bus station designed in a similar fashion as the Star Ferry's Tsim Sha Tsui terminal. In fact, the Star Ferry used to run a service to Hung Hom, which ended in 2011 but revived by another operator in 2020. The bus station has relocated next door to underneath the Kerry Hotel, while the old site has become a playground for area children.

The ferry terminal is a small functional facility and the 2nd floor is no longer in use. Outside, there is an informal-looking restaurant while many people were seated along the sheltered entry areas enjoying the sea breeze. A long harbourfront promenade runs along here all the way to the Avenue of Stars.

Everything is done in the old-fashioned way. There are no electronic signs.

The waiting area is not air-conditoned but there are fans and plenty of open windows.

There is no ticketing counter here because you pay upon arrival in North Point. However, there is a transport subsidy collection machine to tap your Octopus card.

Prices are about double that of the Star Ferry, although still cheaper than the train or bus.

You can see the destination on the other side of the harbour.

The old ferry offers basic hard seating that are a step behind the company's other services to the outlying islands. Nevertheless, you are not here for the hardware, but for the views.

To your left, you have a more suburban view with plenty of construction at the old Kai Tak airport.

North Point's ferry terminus was once surrounded by public housing estates with a busy bus station as well. The old buildings have made way for new luxury residences for the upper classes and a hotel. The bus station has also moved into beneath one of the new buildings with plenty of landscaping outside. It seems only the ferry terminal remains a step back in time.

A short walk away are sightseeing ferries as well as another commuter service to Kwun Tong, which is also scenic but is a bit further away from the main skyline.

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