Eating Out in Hong Kong - Japanese Food

There is no shortage of Japanese food in town and across all budgets. Being a short flight away from Japan, there is a good selection of fine dining omakase options that feature fresh seafood flown in daily. Omakase is a type of meal where the chef will select the best dishes for you to try based on the day's availability. Sitting at the bar table watching the chef prepare course after course for you is part of the enjoyment. This meal at a Causeway Bay restaurant set me back HKD$1380.

The appetizers come in exquisite dishes of various fishes and even a spinach tofu.

Plating is an important aspect of Japanese fine dining. The crab course comes in a crab-shaped dish.

Sea urchin would be served in a few courses throughout the meal.

A sushi is masked behind these rice crackers.

The chef would serve each sushi course featuring more unique fishes on a plate in front of you, and you would pick it up with your hands to eat. There were a few fatty tuna selections as well. A proper sushi would have the fish being larger than the rice ball and the rice ball cannot disintegrate upon handling.

The hand roll course would include a piece of gold leaf on top.

The egg course comes in 2 flavours - truffle and bread.

If you are not full yet, then this cooked meat dish would fill you over the top.

Ramen options have blossomed in recent years with many Japanese brands opening up shop. This Michelin recommended restaurant from Japan has opened up shop at K11 Musea.

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