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Fo Tan

Fo Tan has historically been an industrial district tucked away from the residential part of Shatin. Change arrived in 2008 when the 10-tower Palazzo residential development opened on top of the train station depot.

Change continues as residential developments start moving its way into the old industrial areas. On the other side of the train station, a Chinese developer is building the Arles, which is expected to house almost as many units as the Palazzo.

A small part of the district across from the big road consists of village houses. With its own secluded zone, life here seems serene.

On the other side of the big road is a line of industrial highrises.

Sui Fai Factory Estate is 1 of 6 such estates operated by the Housing Authority, although there are plans to redevelop it into residentials in light of the city's housing shortage.

A famous dai pai dong eatery is just across the street next to the bus terminus. Famous for its chicken dish, it is transformed into a lively destination at night.

At the furthest point from the train station is Chun Yeung Estate, home to over 13000 residents and a rare housing pocket in the otherwise industrial area. 5 blocks with about 4800 public housing units are spread along a hillside with a shopping mall, wet market, and bus terminus attached. It became a headline during the early stages of the COVID outbreak when the estate was used as a quarantine centre for over 7700 people from February until July 2020.

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