Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Hopewell Centre

The 64-storey Hopewell Centre opened in 1980 as Hong Kong's tallest building, holding onto the title for 9 years until the Bank of China Tower opened nearby. The cylindrical design made it look like a cigarette, and feng shui masters decided a pool on the roof would counter the flames. Standing at 216m tall, the star feature of this building is its revolving restaurant at the top.

Built next to a steep slope, the building has a 2nd vehicle entrance on Kennedy Road, which is already perched on the 17th floor. The main elevator lobby is on the 3rd floor, while the sightseeing elevator begins on the 17th going express to the revolving restaurant. Even if you don't intend to dine there, take the elevator for the views.

Hopewell Holdings is a diversified property development, power, and hospitality company. It was founded in 1963 by Wu Chung and Gordon Wu. Here are some older photos from the revolving restaurant and sightseeing elevator taken in 2005. Notice the city's current tallest building was not yet built across the harbour.

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