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Kennedy Town is named after Arthur Edward Kennedy, who was the 7th Governor of Hong Kong from 1872 - 1877.

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Kwun Lung Lau

Kwun Lung Lau comprises of 7 buildings, which were built from 1967 to 1968. A landslide occurred below Block D of Kwun Lung Lau, Kennedy Town on 23 July 1994, killing five and injuring three. The key findings of the landslide investigation are :

  • (a) the landslide was triggered by soil saturation resulting from the ingress of a large volume of water into the ground behind the masonry wall, which was appreciably thinner than was usual for walls of this type,

  • (b) leakages from defective underground water-carrying services (both stormwater drains and the foulwater sewer) within the lot boundary of Kwun Lung Lau were the principal sources of the water, and

  • (c) the prolonged and heavy rainfall preceding the landslide played a contributory part in resulting in a significant quantity of water having entered the ground, initially through the defective stormwater drainage system.


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