Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Kennedy Town

Kennedy Town is rapidly gentrifying with the MTR's arrival in late 2014. Independent stores still dominate the streets, but the atmosphere has gone more upscale. Redevelopments have brought more residents in expensive luxury properties, driving rents up and affordable local shops out. This part of town was reclaimed in 1886 and named after Governor Arthur Edward Kennedy.

A line of banyan trees have spread its roots along the stone wall running down Forbes Street.

While the waterfront here has good views of the harbour, there isn't much promenade to safely enjoy it.

Sai Wan Estate opened in 1958 and has 5 blocks of public housing for about 2000 residents.

Uphill and after a long staircase, Sands Street has a few terraces off the side that are devoid of cars and are quite serene. There is also an escalator here like the one in Central going up to Midlevels.

The Lo Pan Temple is dedicated to builders and carpenters, worshipping a person who lived during the Spring and Autumn Period. It was built in 1884 thanks to donations from the building trade.

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