Hong Kong Drone Gallery - Above Kwai Hing Station

Public housing dominates the hillsides west of Kwai Hing station. Kwai Shing West and East Estates are home to over 33,500 people as of 2016, with the oldest blocks opening in 1975.

With the government landlord keeping rents cheap, many old-style shops have survived, such as this fast food restaurant that remains fairly affordable.

Parts of Kwai Shing East Estate are newer blocks, which are connected via elevators to its uphill counterparts.

At the centre is a large shopping mall covering everyday necessities and a bus terminus.

The podium level at Shing Keung and Shing Yat Houses sit on the roof of the mall structure with lots of public space and playground facilities.

The estate is spread across the hillsides and from the mall, an elevator and bridge takes residents to a few more towers.

One street downhill is Kwai Luen Estate, which opened in 2011 with 4 blocks that can house about 7400 people.

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