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The buildings that Jao Tsung-I Academy occupies today had various uses throughout its long history of over a century, including a hospital, customs station, quarantine station, and a mental health facility. Its hillside location once commanded a good view of the sea, but land reclamation has moved the coastline further out since. Revitalized, the vast site has a mix of exhibition areas, restaurant, and even a hotel.

From the Mei Foo bus terminus, head up to the footbridge heading east to Manhattan Hill. On your left, there is an exit to the Castle Peak Road sitting out area. Exit and head left on the road for a little bit and you will see the site entrance. From the footbridge, you can spot the hotel's white buildings up the hill already.

After entering, be sure to enter the exhibition building on your left to understand the site's history.

Afterwards continue up the stairs under the shade to the middle zone, which has a restaurant and another small thematic exhibition.

You can see the entrance area below, and Mei Foo's residential towers in the background.

The Heritage Lodge has 89 guest rooms at the highest part of the site, offering a lot of serenity although it is a long walk getting downhill to the train station.

Just before reaching the hotel buildings, there are shrines for the local deities.

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