Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Lantau Peak Hike Part 1

At 934m, Lantau Peak is the 2nd tallest mountain in Hong Kong, making it a good spot to see either sunrise or sunset. This, along with Sunset Peak next door, are very popular hiking destinations. During the late fall, tall yellow grasses dominate the hillsides, offering a spectacular scene for photography enthusiasts.

Accessing the trail is quite easy. The cheapest option by public transit is to take bus 3M from Tung Chung station. Ask the driver for the sectional fare to Pak Kung Au for $6 instead of the regular $10.5. Do note that the bus fare increase significantly on Sundays and public holidays but not on Saturdays. On the below map, you will go from right to left and end at Ngong Ping. It is also possible to go the other way but while the ascent distance will be shorter, it will actually be much steeper and you will have to climb up a lot more altitude than going from Pak Kung Au.

You will arrive in Pak Kung Au after about 10 minutes. Cross the street and look for a staircase on your right with a sign showing 4.5km to Ngong Ping. The trip up to Lantau Peak takes up about 3km of it.

The ascent will involve a lot of steps, but this first section is relatively normal and shaded.

Soon, the fields of yellow grasses will start to emerge.

There is still a long way to go up those ridges. But in the meantime, enjoy the grassy fields.

After these fields, the climb gets increasingly challenging with bigger steps. The route is well-defined and safe but it will get steeper from now on.

Sunset Peak is in the distance. You can see the long dirt path along its side as well.

Still some way to go ...

Tung Chung is in the distance below, and the airport's expansion is quite visible already.

The north side of the mountain was extremely windy while the other side was sunny and warm.

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