Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Lau Fau Shan's Waterfront

At the end of the main street and past the fishing equipment, there is a small open are facing Deep Bay. On closer inspection of the oyster shells and garbage discarded everywhere, no wonder health concerns have arisen to dampen Lau Fau Shan's oyster farming industry. Nevertheless, this is a great photography spot for views of the border and especially at sunset.

Sunset amidst a low tide is magical here. This is one of the best sunset spotting locations in the city.

About 4km northeast of Lau Fau Shan, Tsim Bei Tsui is a sleepy quiet corner but it has a commanding view of Deep Bay and Shenzhen's skyline. The bike ride out is uneventful, passing by empty lots and the odd pig farm along the way. This historically was a landing point for illegal aliens swimming over from China, but some perished when they became stuck in the mangroves upon arrival, drowning when high tide comes.

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