Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Light Rail 35th Anniversary Special

The light rail network in the northwest New Territories opened in 1988. Vehicles had a bright orange livery but with fleet modernization, that look has long gone until 2023, when the MTR decorated 2 trains back to the old livery.

Cars 1066 and 1001 were allocated to run on route 610 between Yuen Long and Tuen Mun Ferry Pier.

Inside, there are many displays showcasing the network's history, including different fleet numbers of the various types of rolling stock. Stories collected from staff and commuters are pasted on the seat backs.

I had a bit more time at the Tuen Mun terminus to examine the vehicles' unique colours before heading out to the next stop to capture it going back to Yuen Long.

Many spotters were on hand at both of Tai Hing Estate's stops. The cluster of buildings offer an interesting backdrop.

I also went to nearby stops looking for another photography perspective.

Yuen Long's busy streets are a challenge to photographing moving vehicles although there are barricaded spots at intersections to safely wait while staying away from the crowds.

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