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Ma Wan

In the middle of Tsing Ma Bridge is Ma Wan, once a thriving fishing village but now has become a private housing estate, Park Island, with sea views everywhere and a beach just downstairs.

Residents of the fishing village have been relocated in newer village homes further inland, built by a private developer so residents can leave their old fishing village for redevelopment.

Fong Yuen Study Hall was built in Tin Liu, a village established in the 18th century by the Chan clan. Believed to be built as a private school for the island's children, it provided basic education for a few years before students would start farming. The building dates from the 1920s to 30s and incorporates Western elements. It has been revitalized into a small exhibition hall.

There are still a lot of fishing boats moored just offshore, a stark contrast to the modern housing nearby. The fishing village was once famous for shrimp-drying and paste-making farms, and once had a population of 2000 residents.

A further walk away are the abandoned homes of the former fishing village, whose history dates back 2 centuries. In 1997, hundreds of villagers were resettled out of their original homes to make way for a private developer to build a tourism and cultural facility. That plan has stalled for over 20 years, but the empty and crumbling buildings remain.

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