Hong Kong Photo Gallery - Midlevels Part 2

Midlevels is an upscale residential district along the hillsides facing the financial district. To make it easier for residents to get to and from work, an 800m-long covered escalator system ascends 135m from Central. Opened in 1993, the system consists of 20 escalators and 3 moving walkways and carries over 85,000 people a day.

Jamia Mosque was built in 1849 as the city's first mosque. Today, its entrance is just off the escalator. It was expanded in 1915 and still has a quiet courtyard where kids play as the parents pray and socialize.

As the escalator heads higher uphill, the number of shops, bars, and restaurants drop and the area becomes more residential.

The escalator ends at Conduit Road, where homes are priced out of reach from the average plebian.

39 Conduit Road was a controversial residential project. The developer's offices were raided by police over complaints of unfair and fake transactions to artificially inflate prices. At the time, the top floor duplex was sold for HKD $439 million, the world's most expensive per square foot, but the sale was never completed. The media revealed multiple buyers were companies from the British Virgin Islands who used the same law firm, which was very unusual.

Further uphill is Po Shan Road, the highest road heading east-to-west before reaching the Peak.

Po Shan Road curves around the hill into Kotewall Road, where more luxury residentials dominate the landscape.

Further downhill, traffic is visibly heavier on Bonham Road. You need to turn into the side streets to reclaim the serenity.

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