Hong Kong News - Expo Photo Gallery

The Hong Kong News - Expo opened in late 2018 as a revitalization project of the old Bridges Street Market. The area was home to many newspapers in the past, although it has become an upscale residential district today.

The building itself was originally built in 1953 in the Bauhaus style. After the market closed, the Journalism Education Foundation Hong Kong Limited was given the concession to house a museum on the site in 2013.

The oldest artifact on display is a Chinese newspaper dating from 1878.

A few decades behind is the English language China Mail from 1921.

Back in those days, the newspaper was a major information source for the shipping industry.

One familiar name in the directory that still exists today is the Bank of East Asia.

Journalists used various bulky recording devices over the years. Today, they can use a small and lightweight smartphone.

Before digitization, reporters used this interceptor to listen in on emergency calls through the 999 line to dispatch reporters to the scene.

News scripts were not always easily decipherable. ATV went off the air in 2016 after 59 years of history and many years of losses. It was the world's first Chinese language TV broadcaster.

Today's leading TV free-to-air station in the city is TVB.

Parts of the original market has also been preserved amidst exhibits on the city's news history. This area was the poultry scalding room to slaughter live chickens after purchase.

Press materials during the 2008 Olympics, of which the equestrian events were held in Hong Kong.

Workmanship on the original market was up to a high standard, with the wall surfaces along the long staircase still smooth after decades of use.

Upstairs, there are some paid experience stalls to help offset the free admission to the museum. The curators have also re-created a news stand from 1969 with the standard red coin basket.

The upstairs part of the market originally housed a playground with this mosaic specially preserved.

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