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Before the new airport opened, Lantau was a quiet and empty island and the Mui Wo area was once home to 6 villages during the 19th century. Silver mining was the main activity here although only an abandoned and boarded-up cave remains today.

From Tung Chung, take the 3M service, which now runs with new double-decker buses, passing through vast stretches of empty beach coastline and cows feasting on plentiful grass. The older part of the town behind Silvermine Beach Resort has the typical lowrise buildings and mom-and-pop shops amidst a relaxed atmosphere.

It is a 20-minute walk on paved paths to the village of Pak Ngan Heung.

Leaving the town and the Man Mo Temple, it is only a short walk towards a fork in the path.

To the left is an uphill section that leads to the old silver mine, which you can enter for a short distance before concrete wall blocks the rest of the way. Legend said that the temple you passed by downhill on the way in was once used to settle mining disputes between villagers. The mine closed in the 1890s.

Head back downhill and turn to the other side of the fork for the waterfall. There is a public bathroom here as well as a pavilion to hide as a shower had began and thunder was rumbling.

After enjoying the falls, head back out the way you came towards the town. Before entering Mui Wo again, note the separate path to your right towards Tai Tei Tong. There is another small temple here worth a quick stop.

Past the Mui Wo School, continue the path towards the next village, Luk Tei Tong.

Heading back into town, public housing blocks line the street south of River Silver. While they don't look that tall by Hong Kong standards, this is a lowrise town after all so they look a bit out of place.

Continuing down the boardwalk towards the pier, you won't miss the Cooked Food Market, which has an outdoor dining section facing the bay. Enjoy a meal of traditional seafood and Chinese dishes here while soaking up the views.

With a lot of walking between villages, temples, and the sights, do consider renting a bike to make that journey less strenuous on your legs. The rental shop is just across the roundabout from the restaurants.

Mui Wo has a fairly decent and frequent ferry service to Central, and with a journey time of only 40 minutes for the fast ferries, it is very possible to commute from here to the city.

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