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The Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre is located in the former Whitfield Barracks in today's Kowloon Park. Opened in 2005, it hosts thematic exhibitions such as this one on Song and Yuan Dynasty archaeological discoveries from the Kai Tak area. After the old airport closed in 1998, archaeologists were able to gain access to the site around the former Sacred Hill, unearthing many ceramics.

The "Explore Our Heritage" permanent exhibition has many artifacts on display from many eras.

The Museum of Medical Sciences occupies the historic Bacteriologial Institute, the first medical laboratory in the city built in the aftermath of the 1894 plague. The Edwardian style is adapted to the tropical climate with balconies and windows that promote cross ventilation.

Students from the Hong Kong College of MEdicine worked here from 1902-1912 to examine rats collected from the city to study plague infection. Dead rats were collected in dedicated bins around the city which were emptied twice a day.

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