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Hiking in Yuen Long

While Yuen Long is a relatively flat suburb, it is surrounded by hills on the south and east, which offer good hiking opportunities.

Tai Tong is on the southern slopes of Yuen Long that is famous for fall foliage in tropical Hong Kong. It is not a forest of foliage,

Lam Tsuen Country Park spans across the northern stretches of the New Territories from west to east. Volcanic peaks offer great views of the suburbs and Shenzhen beyond, one of which is Kai Kung Leng.

Shenzhen rises on the other side of the border.

The Hong Kong side has plenty of wetlands and lowrise areas.

Most people don't get to live in a house, but the most affordable ones for the middle classes are available this far from the city centre.

Ho Pui Irrigation Reservoir was built in the hills south of Yuen Long for farmers after the Kam Tin River below was diverted and eventually became a floodwater drain. A serene hiking trail now surrounds the lake and it is easily accessible by paved paths uphill from the town.

From Kam Sheung Road station on the West Rail, take minibus 71 to the last stop or a green taxi to Ho Pui village, a short journey costing just under $30.

Between the hills at Tai Tong and Ho Pui Reservoir, the paths leading from Long Shin Estate and Shek Tong Tsuen, a dirt path rises up to Cheung Ngau Shan.

Amidst the ancestral graves for local villagers, a staircase emerges. Look for the dirt path, which meanders uphill. The entire length of it to the top is quite visible from down here already.

The climb up is steep and can get slippery. There are no staircases although the dirt path is well worn, but there are also many small pebbles so wear shoes with good grip and bring gloves especially for the descent.

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