Hong Kong Photo Gallery - North Point

East of Victoria Park, shops and office towers make way for residential buildings in this congested stretch of a few thin blocks from the harbour.

Although there aren't too many tourist sights in this residential area, several hotels have opened up, offering convenient and cheaper choices not a long train ride away from sightseeing. The Harbour Grand has a top-floor restaurant with skyline and harbour views.

There aren't that many large shopping malls in the district, so residents rely on these smaller wet markets for their grocery needs.

Chun Yeung Street is famous for an open-air wet market with stalls that extend onto the tram line. These types of markets are a rarity today.

Ferries once served as the key mode of transport across the harbour into Kowloon. The area in front of the ferry terminal is being redeveloped after several public housing blocks were razed.

Let's see who can afford these ...

Ming Yuen West Street is a one-way street heading steeply uphill, with residentials on either side. Surprisingly quiet yet, living here appears a world away from Chun Yeung Market nearby.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption was set up in 1974 due to rampant corruption in the public sector, especially the police force. Public opinion boiled over when the Chief Police Superintendent fled from the city in 1973 as his source of wealth was investigated.

Its 25-storey new headquarters in North Point's waterfront opened in 2007, which includes a detention centre, video interview rooms, and training facilities.

The Yau Ma Tei fruit market was at the centre of a heroin syndicate scandal in the 1970s which involved corruption of law enforcement officers. 87 police officers were arrested in 1977, and an outcry from the police force prompted the governor to issue a partial amnesty.

This 3-sided table is the primary feature in the interview room. The shape was chosen as a rectangular table seemed too distant from the suspect, while a round table was deemed too close, like a family dinner. Officers sit on the triangular edges.

The interview rooms are taped with several cameras. The suspect gets a copy of the recording while another copy is sealed for future court appearance.

A one-sided mirror keeps witnesses safe when they try to identify the suspects. To identify 1 suspect, additional actors need to fill in the other spots.

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