Hong Kong Peak Tram Photo Gallery

The Peak Tram opened in May 1888 to serve the area's wealthy residents. The steep journey takes about 10 minutes to climb 1.4km to 396m above sea level where panoramic skyline views await.

In May 2021, the operator announced that the current 5th generation burgundy rolling stock will retire by June and services will be suspended for 6 months to upgrade the line, including the signaling system, track ropes, and terminus facilities.

The Garden Road terminus is just behind the Murray, a fairly new 5-star hotel that was converted from a government office.

It is only a short journey to the next stop just before Kennedy Road. It is a single-track line with cross-over sections so as you photograph the tram heading uphill, wait a bit longer for the downhill tram to arrive as well.

There are buttons at the station to call for the funicular to stop in either direction.

The appropriately-named Tramway Path runs parallel to the track for a section of its initial uphill journey.

An even older tramcar sits idle just next to the main track before the MacDonnell Road stop.

The ride gets uncomfortable at times given the track's steepness.

May Road is the last stop in Midlevels. However, these intermediate stops are not popular with area residents as the fare is steep ($52 roundtrip).

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