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Sai Kung's Town Centre

Sai Kung is the city's backyard, popular for weekend water activities and the UNESCO-recognized geopark. This is also the starting point for many island excursions just offshore, ranging rock formations to old Catholic bastions and tropical beaches.

Many kaito and ferry operators have booths at the waterfront promenade advertising their day tours. English signs are sparse so it is important to ask for the price and the last trip back to the town.

Besides the island excursions, many vendors also sell seafood from their boats. You can bring the live catch to a nearby restaurant to cook up a delicious dish. However, bear in mind that some of the items are not indigenous to local waters.

Many restaurants front the promenade, where you can enjoy the sea breeze and sunset while eating an early dinner.

The town centre has a good selection of restaurants, shops for beach supplies, and supermarkets to stock up essentials.

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