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Sailing Sai Kung's Waters

Sai Kung has plenty of beautiful bays, quiet sandy beaches, small islands, and rock formations. Although many hiking trails make this scenery accessible, visiting by sea offers another perspective. The area has a number of marinas where boaters set off on the weekend for an adventure, such as this one at Hebe Haven.

In land-starved Hong Kong, even smaller boats need to be stacked up vertically to save space.

The University of Science and Technology sits on the hillsides facing the sea.

Many people were out boating on such a nice hot day, so it wasn't even possible to find a proper mooring spot at this secluded island beach.

Hence we continued past Town Island and north along Sai Kung East Country Park to Pak Lap Wan, where the coastline has many interesting rock formations.

The High Island Reservoir's eastern walls face the South China Sea here. A short hike from it is the small island of Po Pin Chau, a sea stack structure looking like a giant pipe organ created by waves and erosion.

We finally anchored just off Long Ke's beautiful beach. This protected bay is just a pitstop on a long hiking trail through Sai Kung's hills.

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